Installation Services

Complete new lift installations can be erected in both new and existing buildings and in both new and existing lift shafts. New shafts can be constructed within old shafts, stair wells, enlarged service ducts or even attached to a structure fitted to the external wall of a building.

Elan Lifts are experts at engineering new lift installations into confined spaces, creating bespoke solutions that maximise lift car area while minimising space required for the lift control and drive equipment. Depending on the location and building structure this may involve applying a ‘Machine Room Less’ solution with a hydraulic or a diverted traction arrangement. A remote motor room secreted within an unused void or storage cupboard is another option that can be applied when fitting a lift to an area within a building not originally designed to accommodate one.

Whatever the scenario clients can trust Elan Lifts to provide the most appropriate lift design solution to their particular lift service requirements. These can range from conducting major projects such as installing a modern multiplex group control system down to fitting a modest single stop access platform. Each project whatever its size is executed with the same level of professionalism and attention to detail that is at the core of the Elan Lifts ethos along with customer service , safety and quality.