Lift Refurbishments are similar to Lift Modernisations in that a programme of works is undertaken to upgrade the quality of an existing lift installation. Lift Refurbishment however tends to focus on improve the aesthetic nature of the Lift rather than its electrical or mechanical function.

For instance many clients approach Elan Lifts when redecorating their premises and require assistance on how best to revitalise the appearance of the lift car interior and the landing doors and lift call buttons etc. Many contemporary businesses see that the lift is more than just a means of travelling from one floor to another but is a vital element in projecting a successful company image as it is often one of the first things visitors are exposed to on arrival and first impressions count.

Lift Refurbishment is a highly skilled and elusive speciality within the lift industry and is unfortunately frequently underrated by many unfamiliar with what is involved. Elan Lifts can boast to have within its ranks a number of highly trained lift refurbishment specialists who are multi skilled and experienced. These individuals have the combined skill set of the following trades; surveyors, draughtsman, carpenters, electricians, tillers, carpet fitters, sheet metal workers and lift engineers -able to work with a multitude of different quality materials and finishes such as wood, metal, glass, stone, laminates and fabrics.

Whether it be a visiting superior, client or guest, visitors to your business will be immediately influenced and effected by the image projected by the decor of the building reception area, lift foyer and lift interior.

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