Lift Modernisation is by far the most challenging area of expertise within the lift industry and is one that Elan Lifts is extremely proficient in

Modernisation is a process by which an existing and often somewhat dated lift installation is thoroughly examined by experienced and talented engineers for the purpose of assessing which components are still fully serviceable. These items are then retained and new equipment is procured to replace the obsolete parts and suitable adaption pieces are designed, manufactured and fitted to ensure that these new components are fully integrated within the existing system.

The benefit of Lift Modernisation to the client is considerable. In many cases a number of major and expensive key components can be retained, reconditioned and reinstated providing a massive cost saving. The retention of major components can also mean a significant reduction in the amount of noise and disruption inflicted on the building and surrounding environment. This is of particular interest to clients wishing to upgrade their lift service within an occupied building.

Be aware that some lift companies may attempt to convince a prospective client that a new installation is the best solution to their vertical transport needs in preference to embarking on a lift modernisation programme. This is often due to the fact that they have their own standard ‘lift package’ which is easier for them to install and can result in the client being tied into an exclusive service contract to maintain the lift companies own particular make of equipment. It can also mean that due to the fact that these new packages are of a standard size the installation supplied may well be a ‘best fit’ for the existing lift shaft resulting in a lift car that was smaller in size than the original.


Elan Lifts are one of the leading ‘independent’ lift modernisation specialists in the industry and as such provides impartial advice and consultancy on which type and make of lift equipment best serves the needs of its clients. By utilising the extensive expertise of its highly skilled and experienced engineering and design team Elan Lifts can collate quality components from a network of quality approved global suppliers based on suitability, efficiency, reliability and durability

The result is a lift installation of outstanding quality that has been professionally engineered to ensure maximum efficiency and with minimum cost and disruption. The use of non-company specific equipment means that the client is free to select which company they wish to contract for the service and maintenance of thier installation. Generally speaking however clients will and without hesitation contract Elan Lifts for this purpose as a means of ensuring consistently reliable trouble free lift service.

Any client considering a lift modernisation strategy for their lift installations should contact Elan Lifts immediately for a free consultation.